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Sell in Bulgaria

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If you have made the decision to sell your property in Bulgaria or even if you are simply considering it , then you really do need to contact Appreciating Assets.

When it comes to finding a way to sell a  property in Bulgaria you will benefit from our years of experience in both the Bulgarian and Russian property markets.

Selling a property in Bulgaria can be  very easy and hassle free , this may sound like a sales pitch , but it  is the absolute truth.

The two most common reasons that will  prevent you from selling   your property in Bulgaria are as follows:

1. Your price is too high.

Again there  generally only two reasons for  this , the first is as a result of an agent promising  you too much for your property in Bulgaria  in order to get it on their books or promising too much for your property Bulgaria in order to get an upfront payment from you.

The second reason for this is that you are asking for too much money for your property.

There is a solution to both of these problems and it  lays firmly in your own hands. In regards to your agent you will need to tell them to compare your property to similar properties that have sold recently and to reprice your property according to the current property market in Bulgaria.

In regards to the price you have set , if your price is too high for the current market and you are not willing to reduce it , then the best advice would be to remove it until such time as the price of property in your area of Bulgaria recovers.


2. Have you chosen the right agent ?   

This is a decision that everyone who wants to sell their Bulgarian property will have to face .

The best way to establish which agent is the best suited to your property is to ask the following questions

How long have they been in business ?

Have they sold anything in your development recently and if so how much did they achieve ?

Do have access to the Russian market ?

Have they attended exhibitions in Russia recently ?

The answers you receive to these questions should help you to choose the agency that will serve your needs best.

If you would like to discuss selling your property in Bulgaria in more detail or if you would like to have our staff value your property  Please Click Here












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