Property in Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria

Garden of Eden , St Vlas , Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria can still be  very viable and potentially lucrative . If you are selling your property in today’s market you are probably worried about how much your property is NOW worth and the simple truth is that your property is probably worth more than you might think.

Here is the good news , if you are now selling your property, you will find a buyer and in many cases you be able to achieve a lot more than you thought because there is a market for quality property in the right locations.

There are a great many reasons why so many of us  bought property in Bulgaria , but the most common reason that we hear is ” Prices here were ridiculous , and there seemed to be great value and room for appreciation in Bulgaria”

This was true at the time and while we cannot ignore what has happened in the Global economy we can also start to realise that property prices in both Britain and Ireland have fallen much more  than property in Bulgaria has.

Now is the time to take advantage of  the market in Britain and Ireland , after all most of us always planned to make our money in Bulgaria and then sell up and buy property at home. We still can!

Here is an example of this :

2006 : 2 bedroom apartments in a reasonable area of Dublin were achieving 300,000 Euro

2006 : 2 bedroom apartments in a reasonable area of the Black Sea , Bulgaria were achieving 80,000 Euro

2012 : Same 2 bedroom apartment in Dublin is now achieving 150,000 Euro ( If  it can be sold )

2012 : Same 2 bedroom apartment in Bulgaria, is now achieving 60,000 Euro and it can be sold because middle class Russian investors who have cash will buy in Bulgaria but not Ireland or the UK.

Dublin property is down by 50%, Bulgarian property is only down by 25%.

From our experience  , we regularly see people who bought in Bulgaria between 2004 and 2008 selling their property finding buyers for their property at a price that breaks even and in some cases even makes a profit.

We cannot say that we have heard or seen any evidence to say the same about any property bought in Ireland during the same period.

What we should really learn from this is that while many of us may not have achieved the growth in our Bulgarian investment that we had hoped , many of us can actually achieve our original goal , which was to have our Bulgarian investment help us catch up with our local market to allow us to reinvest at home.

The fact is that 60,000 Euro in 2012 can in many cases allow you to buy properties that were selling for 200,000 in 2006.

Congratulations you have beaten the market !

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