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Rent Your Bulgarian Property

To rent your Bulgarian property  you  will need to make sure that it is given as much exposure as possible to the markets where large numbers of people book holidays in Bulgaria.

Our rental service will give you access to thousands of people who will rent Bulgarian Ski Properties and Black Sea Properties  over  the next 12 months.

You will be informed immediately  of every booking and you will be given your own secure password to login into our online booking  system where you will be able to see how many bookings your property has at any time and also the amount of money being paid for the booking.

It is our intention to provide you the property owner with peace of mind and the ability to plan your finances by knowing exactly how much income your property is generating at anytime. 

You will receive the payment for each booking within a maximum of 30 days so you will not need to wait until the end of the year for your payment.

According to the Official Tourism Portal of Bulgaria over 6 million tourists visited Bulgaria between Jan 2011 and Dec 2011 with an estimated value  to the Bulgarian economy of over 1.5 Billion Euro.

The number of tourists visiting Bulgaria  has continued to grow year on year since 2008.

We have reached agreements with a number of Holiday companies throughout Russia and Europe to provide quality Bulgarian holiday properties for their clients to holiday in during 2013.

If you would like to discuss the rental potential of your Bulgarian property please contact us.




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