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Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria is predominantly owned by Irish and British Investors. While many Russian investors actively seek to buy properties in Sunny Beach Bulgaria the Irish and British are still by far the largest owners of Sunny Beach property.

When deciding on whether or not to purchase a property in Sunny Beach, our Russian clients tend to do a huge amount of research into both the area and the development that they are considering buying a property in.

One of the keys things to remember when trying to sell a Sunny Beach property to a Russian Buyer is that they have far more information available to them than we had when we were making our decision to buy.

The biggest reason for this  that the majority of us bought "Off Plan"  which meant we had spent our money before we got to see the finished development.

Your Russian Buyer will see your property as a finished development and will be able to see exactly how is looks and how it operates. 

In many cases the Russian Buyer will arrange to stay in your complex while they are making a decision. Again this was not an option that was open to many of us.

We carry out inspections  on behalf of our clients and viewings with Russian Buyers in  Sunny Beach properties on a daily basis and as a result of this we are in an excellent position to know which developments will meet the Russian criteria for buying.

When we go through our files at the end of each week and tally up the number of viewings we have had in Sunny Beach properties and compare that number with the number of  actual offers made by Russian Buyers we can see very clearly that two things stand out from all others.

The first thing that will make a Russian Buyer want to buy your property will be an attractive asking price.

I know this may sound like common sense but it is worth saying because when you are selling anything you need to put yourself in the mind set of the person you are trying to sell to.

If you make sure that your price is right you can be sure that your property will attract the attention you want.The "right price" does not mean the cheapest price it just means that you need to make sure that you value your property based on the current market and not what you paid for it. Unfortunately these prices tend to be different.

The second thing that will help you close the sale, is that your property is in a well run development.

At this stage we are all well aware that the cost of living in Bulgaria is much less than in Ireland or the United Kingdom and we are also aware that if we were to furnish our properties today, we could do it for a fraction of the cost we paid in years gone by.

The reason that this is important to note is because a Russian Buyer may visit your property and not particularly like its lay out or furnishings but still be willing to make you a good offer because they know that the cost of changing these things is relatively small.

On the other hand a Russian Buyer may visit your property and love its layout and interior but not make you an offer.

The deciding factor in both of these cases is the development itself. Anyone who has ever bought a property has heard the phrase "it is better to have the worst house on the best road than the best house on the worst road"

To put it simply, the Buyer knows that they can change the inside of the apartment to their own taste without huge cost but that they cannot change the entire development.

If you own a property in Sunny Beach Bulgaria we will be happy to visit your property and give you an honest assessment of the price we feel you could achieve and how long it will take to sell.

We do not charge for valuations and a member of our staff will be happy to meet you in Sunny Beach any time you are there.

If you would would like to speak with a member of our staff on the phone or by email please click here.

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