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Sell Property in Bulgaria Free of Upfront Charges

Appreciating Assets have been selling Bulgarian property into the Russian market free of any upfront charges for over 7 years. We offer each  of our clients the opportunity to have their Bulgarian property professionally valued  free of charge  by our agents in Bulgaria who will visit  their property and send back up to date photographs along with its current market valuation.

Our valuations are based upon the most up to date sales that have taken place in which ever development our client owns a property. We will also compare our clients properties with other properties which are also available for sale so that our client is kept fully up to date with the market trends in both the area and the actual development they own their  property in.

In our opinion selling a property in Bulgaria today does not mean that you need to pay any kind of upfront charges as what sells a property is its location, its price and the exposure to the Russian market.

While we cannot control the location of your property or indeed the price you require, we can provide you with the most accurate valuation and extensive exposure to the Russian  market where your Buyer is most likely to be based.

We do offer clients who require additional exposure or who may need their  Bulgarian property to sell faster the option of additional exposure to Russian Buyers.

Because all of our staff come from Estate Agency backgrounds we firmly believe that each client selling a property in Bulgaria today  should not be required to pay money upfront for our service.

However we do recognise  that  clients who require additional exposure to the market and a faster sale should be offered that service without having to reduce their property to a ridiculously  low price which has been the case for far too many property owners who have been left at the hands of unscrupulous agents who just wanted quick commission regardless of the price the owner received.

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