Property for sale at Aheloy Dreams Aheloy Bulgaria

€ 42000
Status: Viewing Arranged


Appreciating Assets are delighted to offer for sale this large 84.4 sq.m fully-furnished 2-bedroom plus 2-bathrooms top floor apartment in Aheloy Bulgaria for only 42,000 euros.


Property Description

This apartment is an extremely bright and spacious 2-bed property, laid out in an open-plan design decorated in light colours and is brought to the market in excellent condition. The main bathroom is both big and full-tiled and the second bathroom includes a modern glass covered shower. There is also a decent sized terrace/balcony off the main living area. The kicthen includes all modern conveniences from oven, washing machine to microwave and plenty of cupboard space. The dining/living/TV room area has the feel of a much larger property and both bedrooms are double-sized and could easily accomodate further beds. This property is offered for sale as is fully-furnished.

Aheloy Area Information

The settlement of Aheloy - a unique combination of the sea and the river on the southern coast of Bulgaria. The village of Aheloy is located near the sea, and it stands along the road connecting the largest cities of the Black Sea, Aheloy is far from the urban crowds, noise, and the sources of industrial pollution.

Unlike the resorts located nearby, Aheloy remains clear from the invasion of huge and overcrowded hotel complexes, large and noisy restaurants and other facilities. Despite the booming construction on the coast of the Black Sea, the village preserved its quietness and tranquillity, while the local people are surprisingly welcoming. Here there is no large-scale development. It is the area of fresh air, quietness and tranquillity.

According to census of 2002, the village of Aheloy has 2,100 residents. Aheloy is perfect for those seeking for calm vacation at the seaside. The environment remained untouched; the clean river is favourite place of inveterate fishers. The shore is in less than kilometre away from the village. There is the beach with boulder-stone and a berth for boats. “Aheloy” camping, known for its small but beautiful beach, is located to the south from the village. The sea shore between Aheloy and Pomorie represents a vacant strip of land stretching for 10 km surrounded by the sea from one side and by the Pomorie Lake from the other.


Aheloy is a charming town located on the eastern coast of Bulgaria in Pomorie Municipality of Burgas Province. This quaint town is situated between the bustling tourist centres of Nesebar, Slanchev Bryag, and Sveti Vlas to the north, and the major port city of Burgas to the south. With a population of 2,175 residents as of 2006, Aheloy is a peaceful and serene seaside resort that offers a unique experience to tourists.

The town has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages when the Bulgarian Emperor Simeon I led a devastating blow to the Byzantine army in one of the bloodiest battles in the region in 917. More than 90,000 men perished in the battle, with 70,000 of them being Byzantines. In the decades following the Battle of Anchialus, the Bulgarian Empire enjoyed a territorial extent, covering most of the Balkan peninsula. The river Aheloy flows into the Black Sea south of the town, making it a perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts.

Aheloy has a pleasant climate with warm summers and mild winters, making it an ideal destination for tourists throughout the year. The town is blessed with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, providing a tranquil setting for visitors to unwind and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Aheloy offers visitors a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, with a wide range of water sports, hiking, and cycling trails.

In 2009, Aheloy was officially proclaimed a town by the Government of Bulgaria, making it one of the newest municipalities in the country. The town's infrastructure has improved significantly since then, with better roads, modern buildings, and improved services. Additionally, Aheloy Nunatak in Antarctica is named after the town, making it a popular destination for tourists interested in adventure and exploring.

In conclusion, Aheloy is a hidden gem on the eastern coast of Bulgaria, with its rich history, stunning beaches, pleasant climate, and unique blend of relaxation and adventure. It offers visitors an experience that is distinct from other tourist centres in the region, making it an ideal destination for those seeking peace, tranquillity, and a touch of adventure.