imperial fort

€ 55000
Status: Viewing Arranged

Appreciating Assets are delighted to offer this wonderful example of Black Sea property at the exceptionally low price of €55,000.

This penthouse property offers unrivalled views of the Black Sea Coast and due to its unique location within the complex it will offer its new owner beautiful sunshine from its well positioned balcony throughout the day.

The property itself boasts a very spacious living area of 67m2 together with a generous balcony area of 16m2 from which you can enjoy the wonderful Black Sea weather all day.

This property should take poll position in any inspection trip as it is simply a wonderful example of what a Black Sea penthouse should offer any astute property investor.


As part of the Fort Noks Resort any facilities at any of the 13 resorts on the Black Sea coast can be used including the wave pool, lazy river, any restaurant and bars. The private beach with key card entry makes it safer for children and there is also a water park 1.5km away. The facilities in Imperial Fort Club include:

  • Reception
  • 2 restaurants
  • Bar
  • Cafeteria & internet club
  • 4 swimming pools with a water slide, a bridge of sighs and attended by life guards
  • Supermarket, shops and art shops
  • Fitness club
  • Saunas
  • Playgrounds for children
  • tennis court-football field
  • Beauty centre,
  • Medical centre
  • Tourist agency
  • Rent-a-car
  • A guarded parking lot.

From the first moment you step inside this property you will immediately realise that it will provide you with the very rare combination of location, price,potential for appreciation and the all important "wow factor"

To arrange a viewing of this property with one of our staff in St. Vlas or to receive a brochure in your preferred language please feel free to contact us at


St Vlas  is located at the foot of the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, in the northern part of Burgas Bay. A settlement was founded at the present place of St Vlas in the 2nd century AD by Thracians and Greeks, then called Larissa. It acquired the name St Vlas in the 14th century after Saint Blaise, a monastery dedicated to whom existed in the region, but was burnt down in the 14th-18th century by consecutive pirate raids. During the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, it was known as Kücük manastir or simply Manastir ("monastery"), while the name St Vlas became official after 1886. Until 1920 the population of St Vlas was predominantly Greek. After 1920 as a result of the exchange of population between Greece and Bulgaria most of the local Greeks emigrated to Western Thrace (ceded to Greece in 1920) Greece and found their new home in the village of Strymi (until 1920 Chadarli), Sapes municipality. Less than 10 Greek families remained in St Vlas. After 1912 and especially after 1920 tens of Bulgarian families emigrated from Greece, predominantly from Greek Macedonia and established themselves in St Vlas. The settlement became a climatic sea resort in 1963 and a town on 2 February 2006. St Vlas is the only place on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast where the beaches are facing directly south.

St Vlas has grown as a very popular  tourist resort in recent times, serving as a quieter alternative to nearby Sunny Beach. The gap between the two places is shrinking as more hotels and holiday apartments are built along the coast. St Vlas lies at the northern end of a bay which has Sunny Beach in its middle and the ancient town of Nesebar at its southern end. Sunny Beach and Nesebar are easily accessible by bus or taxi, and there are also boats going between St Vlas and Nesebar.

The resort was mainly popular amongst inland Bulgarian tourists, but recently there is rapid growth in the number of foreign tourists, mainly from Russia, but also from  Poland, Romania and Scandinavia. Even though St Vlas was heavily developed in 2000's it remained pretty quiet and calm down place, making it good place to have a rest. Due to that fact the typical visitors in the resort are families with children.