Vacation House near Greece and Turkey

£ 10200
Status: Pending

Location: 41.9184428, 26.4023583 Studena village, municipality of Svilengrad, in Haskovo district Area: 1034 m2 / one thousand and thirty-four square meters Description: A big House with garden and trees near the center of village Studena. The building need renovation - second floor and the roof are in bad condition but the ground floor is well preserved. If You want to grow a garden - there is a Well and other access to free water. Also the location of the house is very good - really close to Svilengrad (main town), Turkey and Greece. Details: Stone and Brick build main house; Six rooms; Inside stairs; Attic Space; Bathroom (for completion); Two outbuildings; Well; Vehicle Access Gate; Mains Water and Electric; PHONE and INTERNET available; Closest Locations: - 10 minutes from Bukolon Fortress + Cave Churches - 12 minutes from Tundja River - Fishing and Kayaking! - 20 minutes from Topolovgrad - Britopolis and Main Town - 20 minutes (within) Twenty more lakes - 30 minutes from Elhovo - Britopolis and Main town - 30 minutes from Svilengrad - lively and historic Main town - 30 minutes from Greece - holiday abroad so close to Home!