Development Site

€ 138000
Status: Pending

Hi We have a lovely site which we decide to sell in Kiten. It has lovely sea views, three minutes walk to Beach, Restaurants, Shops The kint is 0.5, the Density- 20%, Height 7,5 m. That means that you can build: 1 building with appartments approximately - 770 sqr. m. 2 or 3 floors, with an area of 300 - 350 sqr.m. for the first two floors and an area of approximately 100 sqr.m. for the last floor. 2 buildings with appartments or 2 large houses - approximately 390 sqr m. each. etc.... it is posiible also to make about 6 sepate houses with 2 floors. With an area of 130 sqr.m. for each house / 60-70 sqqr.m. for each floor/.