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Zlaten Briag

€ 700
Status: Pending

We - Bulgarian company "Golden Bryag" Ltd., established in 2010. Throughout its existence, we have never used bank loans, all of our costs are incurred through investments of our shareholders. We are regularly paid all taxes in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and do not have any encumbrances. We do not have unresolved conflicts with public authorities, customers, contractors, partners and customers. In signing any agreement, we always take care that the other side was protected from probable damage because of any misunderstanding. These buildings are built by us, and we are the only ones of their owners. One of these buildings Seaside residence, located on the first line of the Black Sea coast in the city of Burgas. Another building, Forest Residence, located in the mountain relic forest near the town of Veliko Tarnovo in an area of 2.5 hectares (25,000 square meters). Warm progress building connected with a comfortable hospital based on the unique natural spring water containing hydrogen sulfide. The residence is the result of renovation and reconstruction of the former recreation center of the BCP. For all its parameters proposed apartments rightfully be attributed to the category of expensive real estate. At the same time, the exclusive conditions of acquisition, which we are ready to offer you, make this property quite affordable for many potential buyers. The base price of 1 square meter set by us in the amount from 700 to 2000 euro . Along with this, we are able to provide to those who wish, long installment payment (up to 20 years) - at the same time you will not need to involve a bank mortgage. In addition, you can use their apartment in the format of a small business renting its subtenants at a time when it is not necessary for you to stay. If you're not sure what you should buy an apartment in our residences, we offer you to use it under a lease. At the same time you will have an option for a further purchase of the apartment, and the entire amount you paid the rent will be credited as part of the payment of the cost of your purchase. More details according to above objects you can see on our official web-site Contact in Kazakhstan 007 777 210 2093 Izabella Duberman

Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea with a population over 200,000. It has a thriving tourist, transport industrial and cultral centre and also has the largest port in Bulgaria.

There are many Museums and Galleries throughout the city and has an abundance of things to do for the visitor.

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