Paradise Dune Beach Resort Sozopol


Appreciating Assets are delighted to offer for sale this large fully-furnished 2-bedroom 2nd floor apartment with ensuite bathroom at the Paradise Dune Beach resort in Sozopol, enjoying amazing views of the pool, sea & gardens surrounding the complex. This new and unused property is now asking just 55,000 euros.


Property Description

This is a spacious 2-bedroom property that enjoys not one bathroom, but two in that there is a separate en-suite bathroom with sink, toilet plus full shower. Another nice feature of this property is the extremely large covered balcony with a fully-tiled floor plus dual access in that it may be accessed from the master bedroom as well as the main living area. Speaking of the main living area, it is open-plan design as one would expect for a holiday home of this type, with a very contemporary modern kitchen-cum-dining area that is part recessed from the rest of the living/TV room, plus it has an attractive overlight in the ceiling. The kitchen itself is compact and functional with stainless steel sink/drainer as well as electric oven/hob and an integrated refrigerator. The light wood-effect cabinets in the kitchen area are contrasted nicely by the two-tone wall colourings of white & burgundy. There is also a lighter coloured floor tile in the recessed kitchen-dining area which also includes a light wooden table with chairs for 4 persons. The rest of the main living space is also very contemporary with a distinctively Scandinavian furniture style including open wall shelves and TV stand along one wall with a dark wood backing, all complimented by cream coloured square-style sofa and chairs and matching coffee table. There is a large sliding double-glazed door from this sitting room to the main part of the outside balcony. The main bathroom is fully-tiled and includes a large corner shower unit. It is a very clean look with the added advantage of being minimum maintenance too. Both bedrooms have large double-beds with dark wooden headboards with matching bedroom furniture and cabinets. The master bedroom also has a nice dark wooden dressing table too, with some additional matching wall shelves plus integrated vanity mirror. A lot of thought has gone into the furniture pack for this particular property and as we mentioned before this apartment is as new being totally unused to date. A property of this size would ideally suit a small family or up to 6 persons sharing when additional sofa-beds or airbeds are factored into the equation. This is a wonderful apartment in a low-denisty resort close to the beach and benefitting from dozens of sporting activities and amenities, so it would make for a fantastic holiday home, plus it ought to have potential too as a rental property.


Paradise Dune Beach Background Information

Paradise Dune Beach & Spa Holiday Complex is situated very close to Sozopol and Kavatsite beach - one of the most picturesque and pristine sand beaches along the Bulgarian coast. Tucked in between a wide sandy strip and the woodlands, Paradise Dune enjoys a uniquely tranquil location that makes for a supremely relaxing experience and an ideal holiday away from the stress and high pace of modern life.

Paradise Dune comprises an architectural set of 12 buildings, including a hotel, which offers comfort that will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated after a carefree holiday you will simply not want to end. The grounds feature three richly landscaped, park-like courtyards, recreational areas, and walking and sports grounds comprising 2,000 square metres, including an impressive water recreation area.

The complex - essentially a gated community – is surrounded by natural woodland and has direct access to the long and wide sandy Green Life Beach. Spread over an area of 25,000 square metres, of which only 25 percent is built up, and 50 percent is parklands, Paradise Dune is in full harmony with surrounding nature.

Paradise Dune – A Green Life Beach Resort

Green Life Beach Resort is a closed-type complex, with a private beach - Green Life Beach, surrounded by the natural greenery of Strandzha Mountain. The Resort is situated 3 km away from the city of Sozopol.

In Green Life Beach Resort, you can spend a fully relaxing holiday,receive your guests, or organize business meetings. In Green Life Beach Resort, you will find many opportunities for relaxation, leisure, sports, as well as all the amenities and entertainment that can make your holidays truly relaxing and unforgettable.

The Resort features the following phases:

  1. Paradise Dune
  2. Paradise Gardens
  3. Town house
  4. First line
  5. Beach Residence

All the buildings of the Complex follow the Mediterranean style. Modern technological materials have been used in their construction. They provide comfort and low operation costs. Each house has a terrace with a wonderful view to the sea or natural forest.

There are many swimming pools, restaurants, bars, coffee-shops, shops, and a confectionary available for you to enjoy your vacation.

Green Life Beach Resort offers many opportunities for rest, entertainment, and sports.

Advantages of Green Life Beach Resort:

  • Own Green Life Beach
  • Situated at the beach
  • Operating resort
  • Sunny days from May to October
  • A children’s centre with animators
  • Sports zones
  • Spa Centre
  • Wellness programs
  • Restaurants, cocktail bars, confectionary, shops
  • Vast green areas, ecological alleys, and swimming pools
  • Year-round operation (important as not all resorts are)

Green Life Beach is only 100 metres away from the Complex. You can enjoy tranquillity and plenty of sunbathing in the special VIP zone, and try an ice cocktail in the beach bar. There are also the following amenities:

  • Tennis Court
  • Mini Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis School
  • Rent-a-Bicycle
  • Fitness
  • VIP Beach Zone
  • Open-air Massage
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Water-Ski
  • Underwater Fishing
  • Diving
  • Yachting
  • Surfing
  • Parachuting
  • Hang Gliding
  • Voyage in the special Attraction Boat 

The Dune Restaurant boasts toothsome Italian, Mediterranean and Bulgarian cuisine made by our chefs. You can find a variety of fish, seafood, fresh salads, crispy pizzas, delicious grill, and sweets on the menu. Restaurants The Dune Restaurant boasts toothsome Italian, Mediterranean and Bulgarian cuisine made by our chefs. You can find a variety of fish, seafood, fresh salads, crispy pizzas, delicious grill, and sweets on the menu.

In Cacao Confectionary you can spend pleasant moments with your friends and sweet temptations.

In Malibu Pool Bar you can enjoy water adventures and ice cocktails.

There is a hairdressing salon in the Resort, where you can style your hair, make your pedicure and manicure.

Green Life Beach Resort is a family-oriented resort, and therefore, we pay special attention to the children.


Sozòpol (Bulgarian: Созопол, Greek: Sozopolis / Σωζόπολις) is an ancient seaside town located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Today it is one of the major seaside resorts in the country, known for the Apollonia art and film festival (which takes place in early September) that is named after one of the town's ancient names.

The busiest times of the year are the summer months, ranging from May to September as tourists from around the world come to enjoy the weather, sandy beaches, history and culture, fusion cuisine (Balkan, Mediterranean), and atmosphere of the colourful resort.

Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on Bulgarian Thrace's Black Sea coast. The first settlement on the site dates back to the Bronze Age. Undersea explorations in the region of the port reveal relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools from that era. Many anchors from the second and first millennium BC have been discovered in the town's bay, a proof of active shipping since ancient times.

The current town was founded in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists from Miletus as Antheia. The name was soon changed to Apollonia, on account of a temple dedicated to Apollo in the town, containing a famous colossal statue of the god Apollo by Calamis, 30 cubits high, transported later to Rome by Lucullus and placed in the Capitol.

The coins, which begin in the fourth century BC, bear the name Apollonia and the image of Apollo; the imperial coins, which continue to the first half of the third century AD, and the Tabula Peutinger also contain the name Apollonia; but the "Periplus Ponti Euxini", 85, and the Notitiæ episcopatuum have only the new name Sozopolis. In 1328 Cantacuzene (ed. Bonn, I, 326) speaks of it as a large and populous town. The islet on which it stood is now connected with the mainland by a narrow tongue of land. Its inhabitants, in the past mostly Greeks, lived by fishing and agriculture.

The town established itself as a trade and naval centre in the following centuries. It kept strong political and trade relations with the cities of Ancient Greece – Miletus, Athens, Corinth, Heraclea Pontica and the islands Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos, etc. Its trade influence in the Thracian territories was based on a treaty with the rulers of the Odrysian kingdom dating from the fifth century BC.

The symbol of the town – the anchor, present on all coins minted by Apollonia since the sixth century BC, is proof of the importance of its maritime trade. The rich town soon became an important cultural centre. At these times it was called Apollonia Magna.

Ruled in turn by the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires, Sozopol was assigned to the newly independent Bulgaria in the 19th century. At the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence (1821) prominent local personalities were arrested and executed by the Ottoman authorities due to participation in the preparations of the struggle.

Almost all of its Greek population was exchanged with Bulgarians from Eastern Thrace in the aftermath of the Balkan Wars. In 2011 the remainings of an ancient Greek settlement, part of Apollonia, were excavated in the small island of St. Kirik (Saint Cerycus) off Sozopolis.

Since 1984 Sozopol hosts the Apollonia art festivities every September, which include theatre shows, exhibitions, movies, musical and dance performances, book presentations and other cultural events.

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