Property for sale in Sunset Resort Pomorie Bulgaria

Status: Sold

Appreciating Assets are delighted to offer this genuine treasure to the market.

Located on the 4th floor , this apartment has the very rare and very special extra window in the kitchen , which allows extra light in to the apartment , but also offers panoramic views all across Promori beach and on to the warm clear waters of the Black Sea .

Spanning over 78m2 , this apartment will offer its new owner not only a very comfortable holiday home to spend their free time in , but because it can easily sleep 4 people , it also has the potential to be an excellent holiday rental property .

Furnished to the highest standards , including Dishwashers , Flat Screen TV , to mention just a few of the extras that have been put into this apartment.

This property offers a complete package to its new owner , and there is nothing extra to do with it , once you have purchased it , except enjoy the summer season , and enjoy the rental income.

For any further information on this property , please contact our sales team ,who will be happy to assist you in English , Bulgarian ,Russian or Greek.

Pomorie - Background Information

Pomorie was founded by the Ancient Greeks under the name Anchialos (Greek: Αγχίαλος), deriving from Ancient Greek "anchi-" ("near, close to") and "als-" (either "salt" or a poetic and uncommon word for "sea"). In Latin, this was rendered as Anchialus. The Bulgars called the town Tuthom, though it's more common name in Bulgarian was Анхиало, Anhialo based on the Greek name. During the Ottoman rule, the town was called Ahyolu. In 1934 the town was renamed to Pomorie, from the Bulgarian "po-" (in this context "by, next to") and "more" ("sea"), corresponding to one of the two etymologies of the original Greek name.