Property for sale at Santa Marina Sozopol Bulgaria

€ 75000
Status: Sold


Appreciating Assets are delighted to offer for sale this fully-furnished top-floor single bedroom split-level studio apartment with fantastic spacious wrap-around roof terrace that offers amazing panoramic sea views, at the Santa Marina village resort in Sozopol Bulgaria, now asking just 75,000 euros.


Property description

This is an exceptional studio property in that it is both split-level inside as well as being situated on the top floor of its building. What makes it really special though is the extremely large and spacious balcony or outside terrace area that literally wraps around the side of the building, largely due to the fact that there are just two apartments that comprise the entire top floor, so the space on this roof terrace for dining and sunbathing potential a new owner is getting something special here. As our recent photographs show quite clearly, there is plenty of space on this roof terrace for dining 'al fresco' and of course for sunbathing too. The beach and sea views from this terrace are incredible, especially of the naturally curved coastline and beach. The interior of the property is laid out in a very simple open-plan design including a split-level with staircase that results in a much higher ceiling space when on the lower level. This level incorporates the entrance hall, kitchenette and living room area. Upstairs there is a large bedroom/sleeping area as well as a fully-tiled modern bathroom with glass-fronted shower cubicle. This is a very compact but very bright an airy property with a big emphasis on the outside terrace and sea views, but more importantly it is located in a truly superb family-oriented enclosed village-style resort where re-sales are few and far between. Santa Marina village resort is a big development, however it is spread out over such a large area and in low-rise buildings, as well as every conceivable amenity and facility imaginable (see list below) including 4-star hotel style pools with poolside bars, restaurants and luxurious sun loungers, that is it has a lot to offer. Now add to this the perfect beach side location and the property situation on the top floor and you have a winning recipe for a great holiday apartment as well as good rental potential, especially as the sofa-bed in the living room means that this apartment can easily accommodate 4 persons.


Santa Marina Sozopol Resort

The village is located on the first line amphitheatre at sea and follows the curves of the picturesque bay. The famous King's beach with fine white sand, and mixed forest surrounding the Santa Marina on three sides, turns it into a wonderful cosy place to stay with unique facilities, and exceptional sea views. An enormous swimming pool, with adjacent restaurants and bars, children's centre and a variety of extras to make the complex an ideal place for recreation & vacation.

The resort is a gated community consisting of 80 three-and four-storey buildings with 1,400 apartments of various types in total. Santa Marina is located on the beach, in a beautiful green park, and from the windows of most apartments offer magnificent views of the sea. The buildings are based on the architecture style of the Bulgarian Renaissance of the 19th century.  Some 70% of the total development area is devoted to gardens and greenery, as well as parking lots and places for recreation and entertainment. This resort village of Santa Marina was a project of one of the most successful investment companies in Bulgaria "FeyrPley International". The complex was awarded the national competition "Building of the Year" - "Best apartment complex in 2006," International Award "Best Marine Project 2009" and the Golden Prize of the competition magazine Homes Overseas - Homes Overseas Russian Edition 2010 "Best Project in Bulgaria", so it has won several awards.

Santa Marina is located just 2 km from the ancient town of Sozopol and 34 km south of Burgas, on the most famous beach of the Southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria - King's Beach. It is truly a wonderful location with the following features:

  • Exceptionally beautiful location and natural resort
  • Superb unrivalled panoramic views of the sea;
  • Excellent transport infrastructure & links close by;
  • Airport proximity: the highway nearby means that it takes just 40 minutes to get from Santa Marina to the Airport in Burgas. It is the second largest airport in Bulgaria, providing regular flights to almost all European capitals, as well as charter flights in the summer.

Other key facts & facilities/amenities:

  • Land area: 100,000 square metres of green space (25 acres approx.)
  • Parks and recreation and entertainment: 70 000 sq.m.    
  • Villas: 80   
  • Apartments: 1400    
  • Swimming pools: 3
  • Solar terraces and sun loungers    
  • Reception with Porter service available
  • Restaurants: 3 (with seating capacity 100 -150)
  • Children's centre and activities for children in several languages     ​​
  • Pool bar, Lobby bar & Piano
  • Marina Mini Market    
  • Tobacco shop and wine products    
  • Medical Centre    
  • Travel Agency and car rental    
  • Bicycle rental shop
  • Transfers from and to the airports of Varna and Burgas    
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Postal service
  • Pizzeria    
  • Fitness Centre    
  • Hairdresser and beauty salon    
  • Aqua & spa centre with sauna, steam bath and spa capsule, massage room


Sozòpol (Bulgarian: Созопол, Greek: Sozopolis / Σωζόπολις) is an ancient seaside town located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Today it is one of the major seaside resorts in the country, known for the Apollonia art and film festival (which takes place in early September) that is named after one of the town's ancient names.

The busiest times of the year are the summer months, ranging from May to September as tourists from around the world come to enjoy the weather, sandy beaches, history and culture, fusion cuisine (Balkan, Mediterranean), and atmosphere of the colourful resort.

Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on Bulgarian Thrace's Black Sea coast. The first settlement on the site dates back to the Bronze Age. Undersea explorations in the region of the port reveal relics of dwellings, ceramic pottery, stone and bone tools from that era. Many anchors from the second and first millennium BC have been discovered in the town's bay, a proof of active shipping since ancient times.

The current town was founded in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists from Miletus as Antheia. The name was soon changed to Apollonia, on account of a temple dedicated to Apollo in the town, containing a famous colossal statue of the god Apollo by Calamis, 30 cubits high, transported later to Rome by Lucullus and placed in the Capitol.

The coins, which begin in the fourth century BC, bear the name Apollonia and the image of Apollo; the imperial coins, which continue to the first half of the third century AD, and the Tabula Peutinger also contain the name Apollonia; but the "Periplus Ponti Euxini", 85, and the Notitiæ episcopatuum have only the new name Sozopolis. In 1328 Cantacuzene (ed. Bonn, I, 326) speaks of it as a large and populous town. The islet on which it stood is now connected with the mainland by a narrow tongue of land. Its inhabitants, in the past mostly Greeks, lived by fishing and agriculture.

The town established itself as a trade and naval centre in the following centuries. It kept strong political and trade relations with the cities of Ancient Greece – Miletus, Athens, Corinth, Heraclea Pontica and the islands Rhodes, Chios, Lesbos, etc. Its trade influence in the Thracian territories was based on a treaty with the rulers of the Odrysian kingdom dating from the fifth century BC.

The symbol of the town – the anchor, present on all coins minted by Apollonia since the sixth century BC, is proof of the importance of its maritime trade. The rich town soon became an important cultural centre. At these times it was called Apollonia Magna.

Ruled in turn by the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires, Sozopol was assigned to the newly independent Bulgaria in the 19th century. At the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence (1821) prominent local personalities were arrested and executed by the Ottoman authorities due to participation in the preparations of the struggle.

Almost all of its Greek population was exchanged with Bulgarians from Eastern Thrace in the aftermath of the Balkan Wars. In 2011 the remainings of an ancient Greek settlement, part of Apollonia, were excavated in the small island of St. Kirik (Saint Cerycus) off Sozopolis.

Since 1984 Sozopol hosts the Apollonia art festivities every September, which include theatre shows, exhibitions, movies, musical and dance performances, book presentations and other cultural events.