€ 22000
Status: Pending

22000 € House / Potential B&B for sale between Yambol, Elhovo and Burgas The land is 1715 m2 The house is about 100m2 The front of the house face a hill with forest, there are two ways to go to the house one from the main road and the other from the center of the village The house was a restaurant for many years then the wife died so the widow sold it, but we didn't do anything to it. From the main gate is the entrance to the restaurant, it's a very big room seperated by a double door at the end of this room there is a door on the left that goes to a small entrance that comes from the garden (double door) and on the left is the kitchen. The double door to the garden take you also to the outside stairs that goes to the upstairs where there are 2 rooms with a door in between, on the other side of the wall is a flat roof where it's possible to build two more rooms, we were planning to put a shower room with toilet and sink, on the landing of the stairs and cover the stairs. there is a shower room that is attached to the restaurant's wall but has the door outside. attached also to the restaurant is the barn L shaped, theres are 5 rooms we were planning to make a B&B there. But because we spend our money on our house in Voynika we couldn't afford to do that so we're selling it for what we paid for it. The garden has a lot of fruit trees and is big enough to plant more trees and vegetables. The toilet is outside There is a garage made of metal but safe. There is a big septic tank in the back of the barn and a 3m diameter well who is very deep and sometimes the water comes all the way up