Guides » Guide to Selling Property in Bulgaria

If you are considering selling your Bulgarian property  you will need honest and professional advice , which is excatly what we will give you.

Selling a Bulgarian property in the current climate  will greatly depend on two factors , how much your property is worth and how much access your agent has to Russian investors.

Appreciating Assets have helped hundreds of Irish and British investors to find buyers for  their Bulgarian property in the Russian market since 2008.

The main reasons for our success to date has been our ability to provide our clients with honest valuations and then bring our clients properties into the Russian market using our large network of Russian estate agents who represent clients who  are activley seeking Bulgarian properties to buy.

The first step in on the road to a successful sale of your property in Bulgaria will be to have your property valued. Our Bulgarian staff will be happy to carry out a valuation of your property free of charge.

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