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The most Frequently Asked Questions by Owners seeking How to Sell Property in Bulgaria
How long will it take to sell my Bulgarian property ?
In 2019 and 2020 our average time to secure a sale for our clients has been four weeks. Sales to date in 2021 are continuing to be achived within this timeframe.
Why Sell Your Bulgarian Property with Appreciating Assets?
Appreciating Assets have been successfully helping Irish and UK owners of Bulgarian Properties to Buy and Sell their properties since 2009. During this time we have helped the owners of over 2000 Bulgarian Properties to secure the sale of their properties at the highest prices within the market. Our Professional approach to valuations and our careful legal searches ensure that each of the properties that we offer for sale are realistically priced and that the Buyers will receive Secure Clear Title at the end of the sale. It also ensures that the Sellers do not loose time when trying to attract Buyers because their properties have been accurately valued based on market transactions and when they sell their properties they know that will not have any further liabilities to the property in Bulgaria. Our clients benefit from the large data base of Buyers and Sellers which we have created since 2009 and our properties marketed through some of the largest websites in Europe and Russia. We are the main Agency sponsor for the Bulgarian home page of Rightmove.co.uk and all of our clients properties are among the highest ranked on Google
How do Appreciating Assets Value Properties in Bulgaria?
With offices in Sofia, Bansko, St. Vlas ,Nessebar and Sunny Beach we have a professional team of agents located within the key areas where the majority of Irish and UK owners invested in the Bulgarian market. As the leading Sales Agents of Irish and UK owned properties in these areas we have unequalled knowledge in terms of which properties are for sale at any one time and how much the sold properties actually achieved. Knowing the asking prices and the prices actually achieved in the market make it very easy to correctly advise our clients as to the price that they can expect to achieve when placing their property for sale with us. We know that valuations are the foundation of any sale, and we take great care to provide each of our clients with accurate and honest valuations of their properties.
Does Appreciating Assets represent Buyers or Sellers?
We represent Buyers and Sellers of Bulgarian property but never in the same transaction. If we are asked to source a property in a particular development for a Buyer which we do not currently have on our books we will source that property for them and bring them through the process and secure the Clear Title for them. If we are selling a Bulgarian Property on a behalf of one of our clients then the Buyer will need to secure their own independent legal advice with regards to Title.
Does Appreciating Assets Charge for Marketing ?
No, we do not charge our clients any marketing fees or upfront fees of any kind. Each of our listed properties are marketed by us throughout Russia and Europe and no cost to our clients.
What is the Sales Fee for Selling My Property in Bulgaria?
Our sales fee is 5% of the price achieved for the property and is only payable at the end of the sale process. This is the most competitive fee on the market. It is very important that Owners are aware of the fee being charged before placing their property for sale as this gives them a clear understanding of how much they will receive at the end of the process. It also confirms that the Agent is actually working for the Owner and not the Buyer. When the Buyer is paying the fee it can be unclear whose interest the Agent is obliged to represent.
Will I have a Tax Liability if I Sell My Property in Bulgaria?
The main Bulgarian Taxes to consider when selling a property in Bulgaria are Capital Gains Tax and Municipality Tax. The Capital Gains Tax is payable on any profit that you make from the sale of your Bulgarian property. If you do not make a profit, you will have a Capital Loss which you may be able to offset against future Capital Gains on other assets. The Municpal Taxes are annual Property Taxes which every owner of a property in Bulgaria must pay. In many cases this is a small annual amount. However, it is very common for owners not to be aware of it and this can then seem sizable if it has built up over the years. We will be happy to check this for you at the very start of the sale process so that you are aware of the outstanding figure.