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Bulgarian buy-back

At last, some long awaited goods news for those of you with investment properties lying idle along Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast.

Appreciating Assets is an overseas investment company run by Dylan Cullen, who has extensive interests in rental property in Cork and Dublin, as well as significant interests abroad. Its first ever 'buy-back scheme' is aimed at overseas property investors, specifically those in coastal Bulgaria. The initiative is being back by funds raised from a syndicate of their existing international client base.

Cullen believes it's the first syndicate of its type looking to buy properties from investors who may be anxious to sell investment properties in Bulgaria.

The offer is only open to those owners who have completed properties. The syndicate is also aimed at investors looking for an exit strategy, not developers with large portfolios of unsold homes.

For details call 01 639 2968 or email info@appreciatingassets.ie